Becoming a Patient/Enrolling in Care at WNCCHS
Service Delivery Site: 
Minnie Jones Health Center (Biltmore Avenue site) 
257 Biltmore Ave
Asheville, NC 28801 

Hours: Monday - Friday (except for designated holidays) 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Phone Number: (828) 285-0622 
Service Area 
Except for participants of the HIV Care Network of Western North Carolina, our patients must be current residents of Buncombe County. We reserve the right to ask for appropriate proof of residence at any time. 

Enrollment for New Patients
As a  Patient Centered Medical Home  we  promote the concept of "team" care.  Each patient will be assigned a care team that could be made up of a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant,  nurse, behavioral health therapist, etc.  This will allow patients to be evaluated and treated  by a team of care givers who will  be able to address a variety of patient needs. 

Beginning Monday, April 1, 2013 individuals who have never been to WNC Community Health Services, Inc. (WNCCHS), or who have not been to WNCCHS in the previous 12 months, must complete an Enrollment Form to receive an intake appointment at our health center. **

Enrollment forms may be obtained at our Minnie Jones Health Center, 257 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville 28801 anytime between 8am and 5pm M-F (except holidays). Individuals may also download an enrollment form from our website.  . Click here to download the form.  SPANISH VERSION NOW AVAILABLE  (Please note you cannot submit the form electronically, the form can be printed from the link above)  The application must be completed in full and submitted in the one page format (multiple page enrollment forms cannot be processed), and either mailed to WNCCHS or dropped off in the main lobby of the health center. We will also make available an after - hours drop box for completed forms.  Once the enrollment form is received someone from WNCCHS will contact you within 30 days.
 ** Please note this enrollment form does NOT pertain to new Dental patients (there is a separate dental enrollment form), patients assigned to WNCCHS who have Medicaid/Carolina Access, pregnant women, hospital discharges, or for HIV services. For these individuals, please call 285-0622 to schedule an appointment.
 For those interested in our Transgender Health Program please click Trans Health to learn more.

Urgent Care 
 Urgent Care  is available for established patients only, or those patients assigned to us through Carolina Access (Medicaid), and can be used for minor emergencies. We do not accept appointments for this service and established patients must come to the clinic and wait to be seen. Urgent Care clinic hours are 8am-3pm Monday through Friday. It is recommended that you show up early  in order to minimize your waiting time. 

Please understand we are not able to act as the emergency department of a hospital. We are not open around the clock. Depending on clinical capacity, we may turn away patients for urgent care on any given days. Appointments for Urgent Care are NOT accepted. 

Third Party/Insurance Payment 
We accept Medicare Part-B, most Medicare Part-D plans, Medicaid, Health Choice, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC. We 'accept' assignment of benefits for all those plans, which means we file the claims with the third party payer/carrier. Patients do not have to worry about that paperwork. Patients must bring their most current insurance identification card(s) to every clinic visit. 

Schedule of Fees 
Except for patients covered by NC Medicaid, the following minimum fees apply: 

Medical and Behavioral Health Care (In-House) 

Urgent Care: Cost will depend on the patient's family size and income (sliding fee scale) 

Scheduled Appointments: For medical services the patient's cost will depend on the patient's family size and income (sliding fee scale).

Dental Care (In-House) Download the Dental Enrollment Form Here!
Urgent Care:  Based on family size and income (sliding fee scale)

There is limited availability for dental emergency walk-in's, depending on capacity and demand on any given day.  

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation: Based on family size and income (sliding fee scale)
Dental Hygiene:  Based on family size and income (sliding fee scale)

Restorative, surgical, and rehabilitative procedures available according to a fee schedule. 

Dental fees for adult patients are not waived

Pharmacy (In-House) 
All fees are at our actual cost (i.e., we do not make a profit). We waive or reduce prescription fees for non-disabled, working-age adults who are unable to pay the full cost of the prescriptions they need. To ensure this help goes to those most in need, non-disabled, working age adults must have a valid disability application/appeal pending with the Social Security Administration. The patient must provide documentary evidence of the application/appeal. All pharmacy fee waivers are subject to the availability of funds. 

In general, other than the fees listed above, there will be no other charges from us to our patients. Because all our services are subsidized, patients must self-certify their annual household income. When patients request that all minimum fees be waived due to lack of income, we require independent verification of income and resources.

Please click here for an updated pharmacy policy. 

As a general rule, all our services are delivered using the English language. We want all our patients - including those who have limited English proficiency to make meaningful use of our services. For this reason, we have in-house translation services for the two languages (other than English) that most of our patients use. Those languages are Spanish and Russian. 

However, it is impossible to predict the need to use any particular language at any point in time. To accommodate this problem, we have telephone access to translation services for the vast majority of the known languages of the world. 

For persons who use American Sign Language (ASL) we arrange and pay for contracted translation/interpretation services. Because ASL translation/interpretation services must be scheduled ahead of time, patients who need this service must request it as soon they know it. 

Minnie Jones Health Center
257 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
(828) 285-0622
​WNCCHS accepts Medicare, Medicaid, many private insurance plans, and offers a generous sliding fee scale for the uninsured.
Western North Carolina Community Health Services, Inc.
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