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Dental Services


New Patients: Please be aware that, due to our extensive waitlist, are temporarily unable accept new dental patients for routine care. For urgent dental needs, please see below.


Dental Urgent Care: If you have an urgent dental need, please contact WNCCHS Dental Urgent Care by calling (828) 285-0622 ext. 8903 between 3 p.m.-5p.m., Monday through Friday.  


Oral health is an essential component of primary care. However, oral health must be delivered by specially trained professionals, i.e., dentists and dental hygienists. For a number of reasons, regular dental care is traditionally out of reach for under-served populations in general and our patients in particular. At the Minnie Jones Health Center, we focus on providing basic, but comprehensive, oral health care at affordable prices.


  • Preventive services (i.e., education, counseling and tartar removal)


  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation


  • Treatment planning


  • Restorative procedures (e.g., fillings)


  • Surgical procedures (e.g., extractions)


  • Rehabilitative services (e.g. periodontal treatment, crowns, root canals, and dentures)


  • We do not provide cosmetic services.

Please call 285-0622 for more information on our dental services.

Dental x-ray
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