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Benefits of the WNCCHS Pharmacy

Hi team! We'd appreciate your help in getting the word out about the WNCCHS Pharmacy.

Some of our patients still don't know that WNCCHS has its own pharmacy, or the benefits it can offer them -- such as providing select brand name medications at the fraction of the cost of other pharmacies.

Please see the attached flyer for more info on these benefits, or download the PDF here.

Why WNCCHS Pharmacy?

Free Monthly Mailing

  • Skip the drive! Offering once-monthly mail orders at NO CHARGE.

  • Fees for additional mailings in the same month: $5.00 inside of Buncombe County. $7.50 outside of Buncombe County.

Financial Assistance Program Available

  • Sliding-fee discounts can help low-income households and patients with high deductible plans.

  • Get select brand name medications at a fraction of the cost of other pharmacies.

Convenient Communication

  • Receive notifications about prescriptions and refills.

  • Text staff with refill requests and general questions.

DRX Patient Portal

Easily Request prescription refills and communicate with our friendly staff.

Convenient Location

Conveniently located at WNCCHS Minnie Jones Health Center.

Get the Medications You Need

  • 90-day supplies of maintenance medications available. 

  • Most insurances accepted.

 Call or Text  the WNCCHS Pharmacy: (828) 900-1701.



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