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COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit Program

Getting tested for COVID-19 is about protecting yourself and your loved ones. To help ensure everyone has access to COVID-19 testing, the NC Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with NC-based Labcorp, has launched a pilot program to provide 35,000 no-cost, at-home COVID-19 collection kits for North Carolinians who may face difficulties traveling to testing sites. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or think you may need to get tested, please get tested.

Who is eligible for the no-cost collection kit program?

Residents 18 and older can request a test collection kit for themselves online or through several community partner organizations. Parents or guardians of residents under 18 can request a test collection kit for those aged 2-17.

How it Works in Four Easy Steps

  1. Request a collection kit. Go to and follow the instructions to request your at-home collection kit. Once requested, your kit will be mailed to you via FedEx Overnight shipping.

  2. Register your kit and collect your sample. Carefully follow the instructions included in your collection kit. These instructions will tell you how to register your kit online and use the swab provided to collect your sample that will be tested.

  3. Mail your sample back to the lab. Use the prepaid shipping envelope included in your collection kit to mail your sample back to the lab.

  4. Check your results. Using your secure Pixel by Labcorp account you made in Step 1, check your test results. The results will typically be available 1-2 days after the sample arrives at the lab.


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