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WNCCHS All Staff Meeting Day

On Wednesday, October 18th, Western North Carolina Community Health Center held an All Staff Meeting Day, which brought together staff from all our locations to engage in meaningful discussions, enjoy some quality time with their colleagues, and receive a snapshot of WNCCHS's current endeavors as well as the exciting path ahead.

WNCCHS leadership presented under the overarching theme of "Building Relationships Through a Lifetime." Presentations highlighted the Pillars of Integrated Care, Clinical Support, Employee Benefits and Wellness, and the crucial aspect of Finance, specifically focusing on funding streams today and future prospects in value-based care.

Staff also watched an NACHC video titled "What is a Community Health Center?" which covers the history and importance of community health centers and the vital role they play in the nation’s health care system.

Aside from the main presentations, breakout sessions offered staff the opportunity to delve into essential topics. These sessions covered HIPAA, Trauma Informed Care, and the Employee Code of Conduct, emphasizing the importance of compliance and professional development within the organization.

Staff also shared lunch together upon arrival, and were entered into a raffle for a chance to win some exciting prizes.

Hopefully, All Staff Meeting Day was also a reminder that WNCCHS is more than just a health care organization; it's a dedicated community of individuals working together to provide high-quality and life-enriching health care to all people living within our region.

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