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You are not alone.


To find out more about TAP,

please contact

or visit Patient Assistance Specialists at your next appointment.

To become a patient of WNCCHS, please enroll HERE

or come into see us!


The purpose of TAP is to assist transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming patients of WNCCHS in covering costs for transition- related HRT. We do not want our patients sacrificing their physical and mental wellbeing during these incredibly challenging times

To access TAP:

Step 1. Be or become a WNCCHS patient

Step 2. Have a prescription for HRT

Step 3. Use WNCCHS pharmacy

Step 4. Have an HRT Rx ready for pick up

Step 5. Visit a Patient Assistance Specialist

Step 6: Complete the TAP App!


TAP access depends on TAP funding availability.

TAP is off to an excellent start and we'll continue

to do our best to raise funds to keep TAP flowing!

Donate Here!

& select TAP (Assistance Program)

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