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Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

WNCCHS is excited to announce this new service to its established medical patients seeking Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT.) This evidence based opioid agonist treatment will utilize an integrated approach that combines comprehensive primary care along with co-located behavioral health services specific to Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT.) Eligibility criteria includes:


  • Medically established WNCCHS patient, receiving primary care

  • 18 years or older

  • Not currently pregnant

  • No concurrent misuse of other medications or illicit substances

  • Willingness to sign consents/agreements to program policies, and including but not limited to, release of medical/psychiatric records from prior providers, urine drug screens and other pertinent information

  • Meets DSM 5 criteria for Opioid Use Disorder, Moderate or Severe which can be obtained by a scheduled assessment with WNCCHS Behavioral Health Therapist

  • Meets criteria for OBOT, Level of Care, as determined by assessment with WNCCHS Behavioral Health Therapist


Motivated patients are encouraged to speak to their assigned Primary Care Provider regarding interest to engage in OBOT services, their provider will than make referral to behavioral health.


Treatment will include medication combination therapy along with weekly behavioral health engagement focused on individual and group support.


All eligible WNCCHS patients, irrespective of their insurance status, will be considered. Patient Assistance is available for uninsured patients.

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