Behavioral Health

COVID-19 & Behavioral Health


BH teletherapy option available for established patients, call to be assisted with setting up the services.

Currently BH Classes are suspended due to safety measures related to COVID-19, watch out for updates to resume classes

Helpful resources to access:


Open Classes


These introductory classes are a good place to get started or check in. While some patients use these for weekly support, these classes are also a great way to meet with our different therapists, and sign up for Specialized Classes.

  • Serenidad (en Español)


Este grupo sirve para aumentar las conexiones sociales y apoyo mutuo. También ofreceremos herramientas básicas que podrán ayudar a navegar las problemáticas que surgen a diario. Esto ayudaría a mejorar la confianza y perspectiva de uno de forma positive y efectiva.


  • Transgender Support Group


This group is focused on providing social and peer support to members of the transgender community, as well as sharing resources and other helpful information. 


  • Tuesday Continuing Care 


This drop-in class is focused on practicing art therapy techniques as a coping strategy for stress, anxiety, and depression.  You can also check in here in order to sign up for DBT or Holistic Self-Care classes.


  • Wednesday Continuing Care


This class provides drop-in support for individuals encountering challenges with addictive behaviors. Substance use, gambling, nicotine, food, and other compulsive habits are addressed through this class. You can also check in here for more information on The Next Step and Journey to Wellness groups.


  • Camino de Colores


Venga a aprender a vivir con la mayor calidad de vida! Este grupo esta diseñado para aprender las técnicas y herramientas para conllevar una vida balanceada; disminuyendo los estresores que a veces nos puede, aumentando síntomas negativos como la depresión, la ansiedad y el trauma entre otros. Este grupo ofrece apoyo mutuo en un contexto de reverencia a la privacidad de las luchas y retos de la vida. Vamos a  compartir las experiencias de diferentes ‘colores’ en nuestro camino de la vida, creciendo y compartiendo juntos.


  • Life Skills for Living Well


This class will teach you coping skills and strategies to thrive in life. We focus on your strengths, positivity, healthy boundaries, goal setting, social skills, assertive communication as well as cutting edge practices such as mindfulness meditation. This group provides space to share experiences, learn about local resources, and to help foster attitudes and habits which support your wellness. A good starting point for daily changes and long term growth.


  • Friday Continuing Care


This drop-in class is focused on assisting individual patient needs by working through stressors, learning positive coping skills to handle day-to-day needs, developing safe, supportive healthy network to maximize wellness.

  *Specialized Classes (must pre-register)


Classes marked with a * on the schedule are sequential. You must sign up for these classes by contacting the therapist listed for that class.  You can to do this is by checking in with them, in person, at one of their Open Classes first.


  • *DBT Skills for Life-8 week class


Gain and make use of skills to help you manage emotions, improve relationships, handle stress and live in the moment. The class consists of three 8-week units. Commitment to at least 8 sessions required.  


  • *Holistic Self-Care -4 week class


Gain insight and tools on how to manage chronic pain though increased whole person self care with a focus on psychoeducation about chronic pain, mindfulness, healthy diet/exercise, and quitting smoking.


  • *Journey To Wellness - 4 week class


Offered for individuals in the Project Wellness program to provide education and support throughout their recovery journey. This class will consist of four educational sessions designed to assist individuals on developing a solid foundation for their transition to a healthier lifestyle.


  • *The Next Step


This drop-in class is focused on relapse prevention through the development of coping skills to deal with cravings, learning to manage down-time by creating healthy leisure time activities, establishing a support network, HIV and Hep C education, and addressing co-occurring issues.


  • *Anxiety Management & Depression Recovery-4 week class


Understand the basis of anxiety & learn helpful techniques to alleviate symptoms. Sign up at any of the 1pm classes.


  • *Women’s Empowerment -12 week class


To assist women who have experienced trauma(s).  Develop an understanding how trauma impacts your life, develop positive coping skills/choices; validate self from victimization to empowerment.

All classes are held at WNCCHS, in the Minnie Jones Health Center, 257 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville and are for established WNCCHS patients only.

Please enter through the south entrance (pharmacy entrance) for all classes or groups.


Class times and availability are subject to change

BHS Classes Currently Suspended



WNCCHS is excited to announce this needed service to its established patients seeking Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT). This evidence based opioid agonist treatment will utilize an integrated approach that focuses on compassionate Whole Person Care for Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT). Eligibility criteria includes:


  • Established WNCCHS patient engaged in Whole Person Care

  • 18 years or older

  • Not currently pregnant

  • Willingness to sign consents/agreements to program policies, and including but not limited to, release of medical/psychiatric records from prior providers, urine drug screens and other pertinent information

  • Meets DSM 5 criteria for Opioid Use Disorder, Moderate or Severe which can be obtained by a scheduled assessment with WNCCHS Behavioral Health Therapist

  • Meets criteria for OBOT Level of Care, as determined by assessment with WNCCHS Behavioral Health Therapist


Motivated patients are encouraged to present for services with Behavioral Health Triage at the front desk or speak to their medical provider regarding interest to engage in OBOT service, their provider will then make referral to behavioral health.


Treatment will include Suboxone or buprenorphine/naloxone combination therapy along with weekly behavioral health engagement focused on individual and group support.


All eligible WNCCHS patients, irrespective of their insurance status, will be considered. Patient Assistance is available for uninsured patients.

For established WNCCHS Patients We Can Offer a Variety of Integrated Behavioral Health Services. 

Integrated behavioral health is the systematic coordination of general and behavioral healthcare.  Integrating mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services produces the best outcomes and proves the most effective approach to caring for people with multiple healthcare needs.  Providing these services in one location reduces barriers to our patients.  It also saves lives - people with mental and substance abuse disorders may die decades earlier than the average person - mostly from preventable and treatable chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

As an established medical patient of WNCCHS, you can access behavioral health services offered by a team of highly trained behavioral health staff who work together with your medical team and specialize in: crisis counseling, counseling for depression and anxiety management, grief and loss, problem solving assistance with decision making skills, assistance in connecting to local resources such as housing or food resources, stress management, sleep hygiene, Office Based Opioid Treatment services, substance abuse education and relapse prevention recovery tools and develop goals to promote whole person care. Services offered are:

Walk-in BH Triage, M-F, 8.30 to 4pm: Services offered to patients who might be experiencing crisis or needing assistance the same day. Patients will need to check in at the front desk and request this service. Services offered first come first basis. If unable to wait, please let the front staff know. No appointment necessary.

Therapy Services: Offered on a limited basis as determined by treatment plan set up by the therapist after assessment. Starting process to access this service would be to engage in BH Triage or BH classes, inform BH staff of your interest as well as desired therapy goals. 

Behavioral Health Classes: These classes are facilitated by behavioral health staff on a variety of topics to promote whole person care by means of teaching positive coping skills and providing healthy connection with support network in a positive supportive environment. Please pick up a BH Class brochure at any of the front desks or drop in for the 1:00pm class to be assisted with your needs. Open & Specialized Class Information

Psychotropic Medication Management: WNCCHS offers psychotropic medication management as a part of the whole person care treatment planning, when deemed clinically appropriate for your needs.