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Primary Care

Our Primary Care Services are provided by physicians and advanced practice clinicians (which may include nurse practitioners and physician assistants).  These primary care providers address the main health issues in our community such as hypertension, diabetes, and asthma, among many other chronic diseases. Our primary care providers also coordinate the provision of preventive and acute care via a multi disciplinary team of professional, para professionals and lay workers, including RN's, LPN's, care coordinators, pharmacists, and behavioral health clinicians  Care is coordinated and encourages patient engagement through all aspects of the health care spectrum.  Care is provided in a culturally competent setting at a cost individuals and the community can afford and sustain.



  • Medical Care Service


  • Well exams


  • Child and adult immunizations


  • Diagnosis and treatment for communicable diseases


  • Diagnosis and management of chronic diseases (e.g., hypertension and diabetes)


  • Referrals to specialty care (e.g., cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology, etc.)

Blood Pressure Exam
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