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What If I Am Uninsured 

To apply for the WNCCHS WNCCare Insurance Program, patients must supply required documentation; including valid photo identification, proof of income for the past 30 days and current address verification. Patients must be re-certified yearly or sooner, if needed due to changes to income.

Acceptable Identification​

  • Driver's License

  • Passport

  • Current College ID Card

  • U.S. State-Issued ID Card

  • U.S. Immigration Photo ID Card

  • Military/Foreign ID Card

Acceptable Proof of Income​

  • Check stub(s) from employer equaling the last 30 days of employment 

  • Disability/Worker's Compensation Notification Form

  • Medicaid/Medicare Form or Card 

  • Income Tax W2 Form

  • Social Security Notification Form

  • Unemployment Eligibility Sheet*, Checks or Check Stub

  • Veteran's Benefit Statement

  • Child Support Court Award 

  • Official Documentation from another Social Services Agency



  • Two most recent bank statements

  • Individual income tax form with gross income listed, including signature page.

2024 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (0
You may be eligible for subsidies to help pay for insurance.​
Pre-existing conditions and Preventive Care are covered under BCBS plans currently offered in the marketplace.​
Starting 2019 there will be no penalty for being uninsured, however, remember to stay covered for better care and a healthier you.

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