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"We strive to provide appropriate, up to date, evidence-based care for our trans patients, including preventive services, behavioral health services, hormone therapy, general medical care, and referral to community resources.  We recognize that there is a huge gap in healthcare that is accessible and appropriate for transgender patients in the United States and especially in the South." - Jennifer Abbott, MD

Ready to Enroll?

Please complete an enrollment application and email the completed form to or bring in-person to one of our health center locations.


Please check yes to the question “Are you seeking transgender affirming care” on your enrollment application.

WNCCHS is an LGBTQIA+ friendly organization.  Providing effective, culturally competent care is critical to serving this diverse community.  While transgender people have the same basic care needs as cisgender people, there are specific transition-related care needs that require expanded knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity.  WNCCHS has the resources and ability to cater to the needs of transgender and nonbinary individuals in an environment that is welcoming and supportive.
WNCCHS is proud to have offered high-quality, culturally competent transgender health services since 2007.  

Are you looking for additional community, medical, or

behavioral health resources?  Do you need help finding
gender-affirming care in your area?
  We can help!

Contact our Transgender Health Program Coordinator at:

Phone: 828-285-0622 Ext. 2100



Services Offered:

  • Primary medical care 

  • Discount pharmacy

  • Hormones (Informed Consent)

  • Provider education, consultation, and resources

  • Notary services

  • Referrals to outside services (surgery, therapy, legal help, etc.)

  • Support services such as carry letters, assistance with gender marker changes, etc.


  • Medical and Behavioral Health appointments

    • Co-pays and deductibles dependent on individual insurance coverage, or sliding scale fees based on income if uninsured.


  • Pharmacy- Many medications are offered at a discounted rate.

    • Co-pays and deductibles are dependent on individual insurance coverage.

    • Fee waiver programs may be available if you are unable to afford your medication and meet the requirements for eligibility.



Community Trans Support Organizations

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